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If you want to forget you are wearing a glove while playing PC games? This is for you. Really super thin, lightweight and stretchable sports textile to keep your hand breathable at all times. Extra soft micro peachskin touch to provide maximum comfort during long hours of gaming. Ergonomically designed wrist support to relieve muscle tension and provide sharpest reflexes. Cut off fingers allows free finger movement and provides full mouse control.
Batch #1 consists of 500 gloves.
Orders made until 31st August will be shipped until 30th September.

Experience the
performance boost

  • Protect yourself

    If you have wrist problems, Grindclaw can help to lower the wrist pain to let you do what you like - play computer games. If you have not had any problems, use Grindclaw as a protective and preventive measure to hold off the wrist problems from too much PC gaming.

  • Improve the skills

    According to the medical testing and research results, it was concluded that Grindclaw ergonomic glove relieves muscle tension during the play & improves the blood flow.  It results in increased finger motion and response speed that allows gamers to actually improve their performance. It's pure physics and science.

  • Avoid hand injury

    Freddy "⁠KRIMZ⁠" Johansson is out of action for the $200,000 event after suffering a hand injury” news announced in November, 2022. Grindclaw is designed and tested by professionals for professionals to help all esports athletes avoid injuries like “KRIMZ” had.

  • “Live” longer

    At age of 25 in esports you are a veteran already and your skills start to decline and you are more prone to injuries. Like in any other sports. Using Grindclaw on a daily basis allows PC gamers to extend their gaming career for a little bit longer to be on the spot.

  • Achieve more

    Esports veterans & professional players have the option to achieve more victories and earn more money. Semi-professionals and young players have an opportunity to improve faster and achieve results quicker, as a result to start earning money sooner and start living the dream sooner.

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Become a Grindclaw ambassador

Want to promote the safest, most stylish and comfortable computer gaming gloves on the market? Sign-up for the Grindclaw Ambassador programme today to instantly unlock your very own promo code - and start earning immediately!

You can earn up to 10% for every successful sale using your very own promo code: meaning you can spread the Grindclaw word of player safety, style and comfort to the wider world - and earn while you’re at it!

We will ship the first 100 Grindclaw gloves for free to people who apply through Ambassador program and will be selected by our team. The Ambassador gloves are already high res prototypes tested by our players daily.

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