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Experience a superior and pain free gaming experience with your very own Grindclaw pair of gaming gloves.

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Extend your professional gaming career

Grindclaw's laboratory tested and ergonomically designed pc gaming gloves technology is crafted to protect gamers, semi pro and professional esport athletes from carpal tunnel syndrome, so that you can game longer, get better, and grind harder. Grindclaw gloves are comfortable, stylish, and above all: scientifically designed to protect your wrists while you get your pc gaming on - made for gamers, by gamers, with the help of some outstanding scientists.

Created with a unique dreamshape ® and LYCRA® SPORT textile, Grindclaw is light, stretchable, durable and adjusts to your hand shape. So whether you're a casual gamer, semi pro, or professional esports athlete, Grindclaw is specially designed to help you get more out of your gaming sessions. Even if you're working more than gaming these days, Grindclaw is for you: whether you're Dwight Schrute (the world’s greatest office worker!), an IT professional, coder, or work in marketing, Grindclaw can protect you while you work AND play.

Maximize your gaming experience

    Experience a superior and pain free gaming experience with your very own Grindclaw pair of gaming gloves. The lightweight breathable material, yet sturdy build, are designed to be the s-tier of gaming gloves in the fight against carpal tunnel syndrome. The classic fingerless design means no more sweaty palms during your gaming sessions. Grindclaw gaming gloves were designed, then scientifically tested under laboratory settings to deliver you the most comfortable, safe and stylish gaming experience possible.

    Using state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies to achieve advanced designs, with premium materials, and input from pro esport gamers: Grindclaw gloves have been designed to maximize your gaming well-being and experience.

Carpal tunnel relief glove

    Gaming for extended periods of time can damage your wrist with carpal tunnel syndrome: leading to long term negative impacts on your gaming life. Grindclaw has been laboratory and medically designed and tested to offer gamers the support you need to keep grinding, getting the most out of you and your gaming sessions, in the long term.

    With cut off fingers for easier finger movement and full mouse control, as well as easy put-on and take-off elements, Grindclaw gloves even have a hemmed edge for more stability: which helps the glove to stay in position during the most intense gaming moments - keeping your wrists safe while you achieve gaming glory!

Lab tested

    Grindclaw gloves began their life in our in-house medical lab and testing facilities. We’ve designed and tested every aspect of our gloves to offer gamers the most comfort, support and safety possible. Each and every detail of the design has been scrutinized to offer you the best protection and relief against carpal tunnel syndrome. Grindclaw’s scientists and engineers have been hard at work unlocking the secrets of wrist protection, and optimizing our gloves so that you can game longer, harder and faster, without sacrificing your health.

    Our scientists have put in the hard work in the lab so that you can get your gaming grind on, and enjoy yourself to the fullest.

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